Why, hello there!

I know…I know…It’s been a LONG time.  May 24 to be exact.

So, what happened? Work happened.  Working 40+ hours a week is exhausting! And the last thing I wanted to do was come home and blog.  All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and watch Brothers and Sisters.

I finished all the fifth and final season this past week.  That might explain my recent desire to return to blogging…

I need a new series (Netflix is AWESOME btw) to start watching.  Christy suggested Lost. However, I can’t get past the first episode.  Any suggestions?  I did list all my fav tv shows in one blog post….

ANYWAY….is anything new going on in my life.

Of course! My life is exciting and full of adventures.


Work is how I spend my days.  I’m still running and doing the yoga thang.  My schedule is wake up, hit the gym for run or spin or swim, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to yoga or go to bed at 8:00.  Jealous? 😉

Truth be told, the summer is rockin.  Kasey got married!  The wedding was at Notre Dame.  It was beautiful.  She was beautiful.  And I got to see Megan!!! Oh, and it was also my birthday weekend.  French (roomie from ACE) and I enjoyed a lovely beer or two at this SKETCHY bar called Cheers.  These two dudes thought we were 21 or 22 (laughable) and gave us money to work the jukebox.  Yea, we felt cool.

Training for Philly has been going.  I’m not going to lie…running only three days a week has been tough.  I ran 9 miles last Sunday and it was rough.  It might have been the weather.  Or it might be a sign I need to run 4-5 days a week instead.  We’ll see how tomorrow’s 12 miler goes.

Speaking of long runs…

I am supposed to run 10 miles tomorrow but I am running with my friends Josh and Beth and their Chicago training plan calls for 12.  So, why not just tack on two more miles?

In other news…

I got two SWEET new things to tell you about.

1. Camelbak

I just got this bad boy tonight and am SUPER pumped to try it out tomorrow.  I had a $12.00 dividend to use at REI so I bought it there as opposed to Amazon.  Plus I wanted it for tomorrow. 🙂

I’ve been wearing it around my place for the last hour or so and it’s comfortable!  I’ll have a full review tomorrow.

2. Gold Standard Extreme Milk Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

I love chocolate milk.  LOVE IT.  I don’t buy it because I finish the gallon in like 2 days. Seriously.  But I found a substitute! Less sugar and carbs and MORE protein!

This ish is da BOMB.  Order it now.  It’s delicious mixed with water.  And it’s even more delicious when it’s mixed with some almond milk.  I’ve stumbled upon buried treasure.

3. Gold Standard Creamy Vanilla Casein

This stuff is also really good.  Not as good as the Extreme Milk Chocolate but still really good.  Casein is absorbed slower than Whey.  I use this in the afternoon as a snack.  I use the whey after a workout.

OK! That’s a quick catch-up.  I’m going to try to post regularly. I swear.  It will probably be only once a day and focus on dinner and workouts.  My lunches and breakfasts are really boring anyway.  And work? Won’t be talking about that.  We had that whole speech at the beginning of the summer…about how we can’t talk about work on facebook, twitter, our blogs…etc.

Have a great Friday night!  Catch ya on the flipside.

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Going home for lunch

I love coming home for lunch! I get a brisk 20+ minute walk (12 min there, 12 back), save money because I’m not eating out, and I get to see the furball!

His new fav spot to wait for me. 😉

So cute!

Oh! And I think I have breakfast figured out! I made an omelet last night (peppers, 1/2 egg beaters, 1 egg white, 2 strips turkey bacon) and brought it to work with me to heat up in the microwave!  It was good and I def can see myself doing this more often.

I went to the gym bright and early today! 5:15! I met two of my friends, Pam and Mary, for an early pre-spin swim.  I only swam about 15 minutes but totally worth it!  Spin was ok.  The instructor was a sub and played some weird tunes.  Lots of techno.  And we know how I feel about techno. 😉

The morning went by quickly.  I got a new project at work that I am pretty stoked about.  More on that later!

I walked home for lunch (seriously, LOVE) and made a turkey sammie with hummus and spinach and some pretzels + leftover hummus.

I am SUPER pumped about the Twins game tonight! Just have to get through the rest of the afternoon.  Have a great day!

P.S. Do you go home for lunch?  If not, do you wish you could?

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I heart yoga. 🙂

Anna and I attended a C 1.5 class tonight.  Anna’s parents came too!  I was so impressed.  They are the real deal! :).

Here’s a description of the class from the website:

“CorePower Yoga 1.5 – Introduction to Power Yoga: A great class for beginners, as well as more experienced practioners. CorePower Yoga 1.5 is a Vinyasa yoga done in a heated environment, with a slower-paced flow than CorePower Yoga 2. Postures are broken down (demonstrated), and instructors lead the flow at a deliberate pace with an emphasis on alignment and breath. An interactive class, students are encouraged to ask questions and explore the postures as they are ready. A great place to start or continue your CorePower Yoga journey.”

It was heated and I looked like I jumped in a pool after class.  My heart rate didn’t get too high but I got some great stretching in!

On Wednesday, Anna and I are heading to the Real Ryder class.

“NEW! A revolutionary CorePower workout on RealRyder indoor bikes. This 45-minute class redefines a typical spinning class with bikes that allow you to turn, lean and steer – you’ll feel like you’re actually on the road. It’s an ultimate full-body, cardio workout that will increase your core strength and torch calories. Room is heated (approx 85 degrees and 40% humidity). Open to all levels.Tennis or cycling shoes required!”


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Week 2 of work

I’ve been at my job a week and I love it!  The days go by so quickly because I’m so busy.  It’s great!

I’ve been working out in the mornings and then doing some sort of weight workout in the evening. This morning I just did a light cardio (20 min elliptical 20 min stair master).  I was SUPER sore from yoga sculpt yesterday.  My hamstrings and glutes were KILLING me!

I am going to a yoga class tonight with Anna.  We are doing a heated yoga sesh.  Should be great!

Class is at 8:30 so I had dinner sort of early so I won’t be eating so close to class.

Chicken chili!

Just reheated and instant deliciousness!

I also had some sweet potato fries.

I’ve got the arraignments for my first four cases on Wednesday so I’ve got to do a little work to prep for those.  They are just little guys (boating while intoxicated, illegal possession of fireworks, etc) but still exciting for me! 🙂

Now that I’m in my routine I am going to try to start blogging regularly.  Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I just get home from work and all I want to do is lay on my couch and watch Dirty Sexy Money.  Have you guys seen this show? It’s SO SO good.  I have been OB-sessed with it these last few days.  The episodes are available on hulu. I highly recommend watching this series.

Basically my routine has been to wake up at 5:15, take out Darby, leave my place by 5:45 and walk to the gym.  I workout from 6-7, shower, and then get to work by 7:45-7:50.

I usually eat breakfast at my desk but I am having trouble finding breakfast foods that are easily transportable and tasty/filling.  Last week I brought a smoothie one day, fruit and Chobani another day (goes against my no dairy), and I ate breakfast before working out (omelet) and then just had a morning snack.  I already have a gym bag and a briefcase/tote so I don’t like bringing ANOTHER bag to keep my breakfast cold.  Any suggestions for an easy and portable breakfast??

Around 12-12:30 I walk home for lunch and let out Darby.  I get an hour for lunch and it takes me 12 minutes to walk home.  I had been keeping Darby out of the kennel but today I just saw that he did #1 and #2 on the guest bedroom floor.  He was doing so well before today! I think it was because I left the door to the guestroom door open…I left it closed all last week.

After work I usually head back to the gym for some weights or if I did weights in the morning, a swim.  I get done at 4:30 and I’m not ready to go home yet!  Now that I’m doing more yoga I’ll be coming home after work and hitting up an evening yoga class a few times a week.  I’m hoping it will help with my runner’s butt pain. I have been foam rolling like it’s my job and all was well until after yoga yesterday! I was so sore today…I foam rolled before and after my workout.  I’m all good now but I seriously need to invest in a foam roller so I can have one at home.  Amazon, here I come! 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to spin in the am then heading to the Twins game tomorrow night after work! I am SO SO SO excited!! I haven’t been to a Twins game since Easter.

Have a great night!!

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Made it!

Survived my first day on the job! 🙂

It was great.  I def miss my old job but I know this summer will be filled with great opportunities.

The day was spent mostly training and getting acclimated to my new office.  I share an office with another law clerk.  I have my own computer and workspace.  It’s perfect!

Everyone was super helpful and I am really excited to get into the real work!

I babysat after work so it’s been a really long day.  Babysitting was fun tonight! I brought over a bunch of my old toys and books.  I brought over my American Girl doll…the girls went nuts! I had fun rummaging through my old stuff at my parents’ house yesterday. 🙂

Currently blogging in bed….with a full moon lighting up my room. Goodnight!!

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Healthy Turkey Meatballs

Arrrggghh!!! Overslept again!! I did not make class with Becca today. 😦 I don’t even remember snoozing my alarm!

I made it to the gym by 6:30.  Did 25 min stairclimber and 10 min elliptical.  Then foam rolled the crap out of my hamstring.

I am currently eating my usual breakfast aka egg scrambler wrap.  Now it’s off to suit up and WALK (so excited) to my first day of work!!!

In other news…

Last night my pizza contained three healthy turkey meatballs.  I adapted this recipe.

I originally made them during finals week and have used them throughout the week in various dishes, i.e., pasta and pizza.

Healthy Turkey Meatballs (adapted from this recipe)

  • 1 package Jennie O. 97% lean ground turkey
  • 1/2 yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup parsley finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 cup egg beaters (plain)
  • 1/2 cup dried Italian seasoned bread crumbs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper

I started with all the ingredients (minus the turkey) and then mixed the turkey in.

Then I made a bunch of little meatballs, sprayed the pan with Pam, and let them cook.  I really struggled cooking these guys all the way through…

So I sort of burnt them…oopsie. But they were still good!

Because I used a full pack of turkey this recipe made a TON of meatballs.

In total, I think this recipe made 21 meatballs. That’s a ton, right?! Anyway, I totally recommend trying these.  I froze the leftovers and when I want to use them, I just reheat them in the microwave.

Have a great day!

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Sunday Funday

I made it to spin this morning!  I laid it bed for 15 minutes trying to decide whether I wanted to go or not…and in the end I knew I would feel better after so I bolted out of bed and made it to class on time.

And you know what, I WAS happy I went. 🙂

After spin I met up with Molly and Mary at Be’Wiched for brunch. I had been to this restaurant once before…about two years ago.  I went for lunch and wasn’t impressed.

But I was impressed today! My brunch was delicious!

Sorry for the blurry shot.  I got the the classic breakfast which consisted of two organic eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast, fruit and choice of breakfast meat.  I chose the sausage patties.

I was SO happy with my choice!  The eggs were delicious and the portion sizes were perfect! I didn’t feel super gross after eating brunch…which is usually what happens (think Perkins’ sizes).

And what’s brunch without a sweet treat! 😉

We shared a delicious peanut butter chocolate rice krispies bar.

After a lovely brunch I came home at just chilled out.  It was AWESOME.  I had nothing to do.  I could just exist.  I took a little nap and watched lots of hulu.

Around 2:30 I met Anna for a walk and then we went to a yoga sculpt class at 4:00.  I LOVE Corepower Yoga.  I want to do more yoga so I’m thinking of joining for the summer.  I’ll have to make some cuts other places (get rid of the DVR, slower internet?) but I think it will be worth it.  I have to see what my hours for work will be before I decide.

After yoga I had to stop by my parents’ place to pick up some stuff and then came home to make dinner!

Healthy pizza!!

In the mix

YUM! Love this.

In other news…

Tomorrow is my first day of work at my summer clerkship!!! I am really excited/nervous.  I am meeting Becca for a early morning workout.  We are doing the brick workout class–30 min spin, 20 min run, 10 min abs.  Becca did it last week but I was soooo tired I slept in. I am super super pumped to go because Becca said it was the bomb dot com.  And she ran in a rainstorm!!  So it must be really great! 🙂

Have a wonderful night! I’ll be back after my first day of work!

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