My go to summer jams

These are the most recent songs I’ve downloaded from iTunes.  Can you tell I hate country? 😉

  1. Blake Shelton–Honey Bee
  2. Rocket Club–North Country
  3. Walker Hayes–Why Wait for Summer
  4. Jake Owen–Barefoot Blue Jean Night
  5. Jason Aldean–Dirt Road Anthem
  6. Hunter Hayes–Storm Warning
  7. Jerrod Niemann–Lover Lover
  8. New Boyz–Backseat

Workout: I made it to my 5:15 run! We ran about 3.4 miles and it was a gorgeous morning.  Cool and crisp.  We then hit up Bruce’s class and I felt like Lindsey Vonn after class.  We did all these exercises that a downhill skier would do–used to Bosu for balance, did lots of side-to-side-mogul-esque exercises, and lots of squats and lunges.  I think I’m ready for a Colorado black diamond. Just saying.

Anna and I went to yoga tonight.  It wasn’t as hot as Tuesday night but it was still pretty warm.  I feel super stretched out and ready for bed!

In other news…

I am getting really bored with breakfast and lunch. Gasp. I know.  You probably never thought that could happen.  I need some new ideas to spice up these meals.  Any suggestions?!

I went the fruit + yogurt + fiber one route for breakfast this morning…and while it def held me over, it wasn’t that good.

I used Chobani vanilla which isn’t the best.  Lots of sugar.  I should go the plain route but I just really dislike plain yogurt.  😦  I wish I had a blender at work.  It would be weird to bring mine, right?

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with my friend Jackie.  Darby is going to playgroup!  He goes to doggie playgroup about two times per week–when I can’t make it home for lunch. He is making new friends and toTALLY coming out of his shell.  I thought Julie, Genet, and Steph would appreciate the Darby update. 😉

Off to bed.  Swim tomorrow morning and running 4 miles with Becca tomorrow afternoon.  BOOM.  I think I need to sign up for a summer tri!



About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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One Response to My go to summer jams

  1. hi shorty! just catching up on your blog 🙂 i’ve been nonstop cooking up healthy ‘fried’ rice similar to the one Iowa Girl Eats posted about a long time ago. it uses a lot of the things you use regularly-but i NEVER get tired of it! brown rice + couple egg whites + TJ’s frozen peppers/onions + dash of soy sauce/sesame oil + crushed peanuts on top. YUM! i also sometimes throw in black beans or any extra veggies i have around. just an idea… 🙂 hope all is great!

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