Week 2 of work

I’ve been at my job a week and I love it!  The days go by so quickly because I’m so busy.  It’s great!

I’ve been working out in the mornings and then doing some sort of weight workout in the evening. This morning I just did a light cardio (20 min elliptical 20 min stair master).  I was SUPER sore from yoga sculpt yesterday.  My hamstrings and glutes were KILLING me!

I am going to a yoga class tonight with Anna.  We are doing a heated yoga sesh.  Should be great!

Class is at 8:30 so I had dinner sort of early so I won’t be eating so close to class.

Chicken chili!

Just reheated and instant deliciousness!

I also had some sweet potato fries.

I’ve got the arraignments for my first four cases on Wednesday so I’ve got to do a little work to prep for those.  They are just little guys (boating while intoxicated, illegal possession of fireworks, etc) but still exciting for me! 🙂

Now that I’m in my routine I am going to try to start blogging regularly.  Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I just get home from work and all I want to do is lay on my couch and watch Dirty Sexy Money.  Have you guys seen this show? It’s SO SO good.  I have been OB-sessed with it these last few days.  The episodes are available on hulu. I highly recommend watching this series.

Basically my routine has been to wake up at 5:15, take out Darby, leave my place by 5:45 and walk to the gym.  I workout from 6-7, shower, and then get to work by 7:45-7:50.

I usually eat breakfast at my desk but I am having trouble finding breakfast foods that are easily transportable and tasty/filling.  Last week I brought a smoothie one day, fruit and Chobani another day (goes against my no dairy), and I ate breakfast before working out (omelet) and then just had a morning snack.  I already have a gym bag and a briefcase/tote so I don’t like bringing ANOTHER bag to keep my breakfast cold.  Any suggestions for an easy and portable breakfast??

Around 12-12:30 I walk home for lunch and let out Darby.  I get an hour for lunch and it takes me 12 minutes to walk home.  I had been keeping Darby out of the kennel but today I just saw that he did #1 and #2 on the guest bedroom floor.  He was doing so well before today! I think it was because I left the door to the guestroom door open…I left it closed all last week.

After work I usually head back to the gym for some weights or if I did weights in the morning, a swim.  I get done at 4:30 and I’m not ready to go home yet!  Now that I’m doing more yoga I’ll be coming home after work and hitting up an evening yoga class a few times a week.  I’m hoping it will help with my runner’s butt pain. I have been foam rolling like it’s my job and all was well until after yoga yesterday! I was so sore today…I foam rolled before and after my workout.  I’m all good now but I seriously need to invest in a foam roller so I can have one at home.  Amazon, here I come! 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to spin in the am then heading to the Twins game tomorrow night after work! I am SO SO SO excited!! I haven’t been to a Twins game since Easter.

Have a great night!!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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