I’m baaaaackkkkk!

I’m baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk!!! Note: This song has little relevance past second 3.

So yea. Yikes. Life has been CRAZY. Then it wasn’t crazy and I just needed some time to exist.  Life is getting busy again and I figured I better find a way to work blogging back into my everyday routine!

Nothing big has really happened since my last post. I mean, I finished my 2L year (!!) which I guess is pretty big.  But registering for Philly has been the coolest thing I’ve done in the past 1.5-2 weeks.

In the wake of finishing exams I’ve spent a lot of time with my friends, which was awesome.  And I’ve slept. A lot.  I got about three hours of sleep the night before my test (Tuesday night). That sucked.  I was pretty tired Wednesday but still managed to stay up till 10:30 or 11. But then I slept in until 11:30! 11:30! I don’t even remember the last time I slept so late.  Or if I have ever slept that late!! The only reason I got up was to go to spin…otherwise I think I could have slept in even later!

Friday was a great day.  Picnic lunch at Molly’s! Gorgeous weather and even better company. 🙂

Lunch was on the deck.  Fruit salad, fresh fruit, pita chips, veggies, and hummus.

Moving on…

This morning started off a little later than I had hoped. I didn’t sleep very well last night so I stayed in bed until about 8:00. I had plans to meet Becca for a brick workout at 6:00.  There’s a new class at the gym that’s a 30 min spin + 20 min run + 10 min abs.  But I was exhausted and knew sleep was the better choice.  Plus it was raining and thundering out!!

Darby has been in hiding all morning!

I have a final work project that is later this week so I’ll be working on that until Thursday.  Then I’m officially done.  My summer clerkship starts a week from today.  I’ll be working close to where I live so I can WALK to work.  I am super pumped about that because gas prices are ridic right now.  Plus, added exercise! 🙂

Breakfast was the usual.  Have you missed by egg scrambler wraps? 😉

In the mix

  • 1 egg + 2 egg whites
  • a few dollops of salsa
  • peppers and onions
  • 2 strips turkey bacon
  • La Tortilla low carb whole wheat wrap

And some strawberries.  My brother and I bought a huge tub of these to make mother’s day dessert.  We I made a strawberry shortcake cake!

And coffee has made its return! With a splash of almond milk.  I’m trying to take it easy on the dairy.

Off to do some work. Have a great Monday!

P.S. here’s the strawberry shortcake cake I made yesterday! Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the completed cake! 😦

I started with store bought angel food cake.  It was on sale at the grocery store and my angel food cake tin is at my parents’ house. I sliced the cake in half.

And some light Cool Whip and fresh strawberries

Then I slathered on some light Cool Whip and put a punch of strawberries on top…

Then I put the other half on top and (not pictured) coated the whole cake with Cool Whip and more strawberries.

It was DELICIOUS! I forgot how much I love angel food cake! So light and fresh.

In other news…

So I start my new job on Monday…one week from today.  And as you probs remember, it was really hard for me to blog on the days of my internship this past semester.  I am going to try to figure out a blogging schedule but it will likely be only one post a day and likely after dinner.  I hopefully will be getting my workouts in in the morning and probably won’t have enough time to blog before work.  And blogging at work is totes out of the question!

I want to focus on my training for Philly.  So I will be posting more on the running end of things.  This time around I am going to try a new training program.  I’ll only be running three days a week (1 tempo run, 1 speed work, 1 distance).  I don’t want to get injured and this seems like the best option.  I also plan on incorporating strength into this training program…at least two days a week.  I’ll also continue to spin and swim on the days I’m not running.

I might try to do morning strength routines and evening cardio sessions. I’m not taking a class this summer so I’m really going to be free from school work!

But we’ll see how things go once work starts…

Ok, for reals now…later gators!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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