What a day yesterday! Started with a great morning workout and finished with food and friends! 🙂

After a light-ish breakfast I picked up my friend Lindsey and we trekked out to Molly’s house, bagels in tow.

Breakfast #2=whole wheat bagel, ~1.5 tbsp sunflower butter, and some fruit.

Vivi loved Darby too! 🙂

After Molly’s I came home and made cookies. I have a presentation tomorrow and we are bringing cookies to butter up the professor for the class to enjoy. I made my first recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Monster Cookies

I obvi ate way too much cookie dough. And felt gross after. 😦 Lesson learned. The recipe made about three dozen cookies!! I brought some over to Anna’s (see below), gave some to the doorman at my building, a bag to my brother and finally, a plate for my class.

Oh, and one for me too. 😉

Even though I felt somewhat ill from all the cookie dough, I made a small salad with 1/2 chicken breast to get something healthy in my system.

After I digested I met Ben for a run. It was too nice out not to be outside! We put in 5.25 miles. I ran pain-free. Oh, p.s., I canceled my doctor’s appointment yesterday morning because I wanted to stay and hang out with Molly and Lindsey. Also, I am 99.9% positive it’s an IT band issue so I’m going to continue to foam roll and take it easy with running for a few weeks.

Lindsey, Larissa, Jen and I all went over to Anna’s last night for an impromptu dinner! It was great. AJ loved Darby. 😉

Darby was a bit overwhelmed. But he was a good sport. AJ loved giving him hugs. It was ADORABLE!

And we can’t forget Miss Isla.

Lots of hummus + pita bread + veggies, chips and salsa, monster cookies and strawberry shortcake was consumed. I was in a food coma when I got home. I need to get back on track this week!

And to help me get back on track, what’s better than an early morning swim workout?!  I met Kerry this morning to swim some laps, Michael Phelps style. 😉 We swam eleven laps (down and back is one), did two laps of pool running, and then swam another eleven laps. Kerry kicked my butt! She is a super fast swimmer.

Breakfast was a protein packed new recipe. I added a little bulk to my usual egg scrambler.

In the mix

  • 1/2 cup Egg Beaters + 1 egg white
  • 1/2 cup brown rice
  • 1/2 chicken breast
  • 3 spoonfuls salsa

Busy day today! Review session for business associations then heading into work for my farewell lunch (last day is Thursday!) and then I’m staying through the afternoon to do some work. Class presentation tonight as well. And I’ll be serving the last of the monster cookies! 🙂

It’s cold and rainy in the Twin Cities this morning. So stay dry and warm! Have a great day!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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3 Responses to Recap!

  1. Raych says:

    That was an awesome post. All the pictures were adorable and the cookies looked delicious, ha ha. I totally understand about eating a salad, even when you feel absolutely gross from eating way too much of something bad. I just feel like it’s worth it to have something good to digest in there!

    And 5.25 miles. Wowza. I’m still trying to work up to 3 miles and it’s driving me nuts, ha! Any advice?

    • Running the Off Season says:

      Thanks!! In terms of adding more mileage…what I do is increase a little bit each week. Baby steps! How many miles are you at now? Maybe next week add .25 miles to two or three of your runs (depending on how many days a week you run). So, if you run four days a week. Run your normal distance the first run, then add on .25 the next run, go back to your normal distance the next run, and your last run add the .25 back on. And you could always add more mileage too!

      One thing that really helped me tack on more mileage was following a training program. That way, my schedule was set out for me. Hal Higdon has great training programs. Here’s one for a 5k (3.2 miles). There are different levels. That link is for the novice program.

      Hope that helps! You can also google “running training plans” or something like that if you don’t like Hal Higdon’s programs. Keep me posted on your progress. I’d can’t wait to hear that 5.25 miles is nothing! 🙂

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