Don’t make me leave

Don’t make me leaveeeeeeeee! Currently blogging from the airport awaiting our flight back to MPLS.

For the past five days I’ve been enjoying this

And now I have to go home to this

Boo Radley. 😦

Sorry for no posts yesterday! After running/shopping/walking on Saturday, I was BEAT and took yesterday off…from both blogging and exercise!

But I’m back now!

Yesterday (Sunday) saw another early morning…this time my mom and I were headed to West Palm Beach! It was just a short drive from our hotel…and oh my goodness the views while driving…unreal. And to think that I thought I saw some pretty big houses on our beach walk the other day…

Here are the photos from our drive into West Palm. It was seriously so gorgeous. Beautiful homes, beach views, sun, open skies. I didn’t know Florida was so beautiful!

LOTS of cyclists! If only I had my bike….

When we got into West Palm we found this adorable little restaurant called Nick and Johnnies. It was right on one of the main streets in West Palm, Royal Poinciana Way. The open patio seating was so inviting!

This would be an awesome place to come have drinks and dinner!

Started with some oj…in a wine glass!

I had trouble picking something off the menu because everything looked so good! Lots of egg white omelets and whole grains.

I ended up ordering the Haight Ashbury which was scrambled egg whites, grilled chicken, California basmati, and pico de gallo.

Gorgeous presentation!

I had high hopes because I knew I liked everything in the dish. But I was somewhat disappointed. The dish was just ok. I wouldn’t order the dish again. I didn’t finish it because I just wasn’t feeling it! Maybe it was because it didn’t feel like a “breakfast”?

The service was great and I really loved the overall restaurant. I would definitely go back again! Especially because of how helpful the staff was! Listen to this…

After we left we got right into the car to start our drive back to the hotel. I realized about 15 min later that I had left my phone at the restaurant. I called but they said they didn’t find it on our table. I knew I had left it there so we drove back to check for ourselves.

Once I got back to the restaurant the hostesses were SO helpful. They were looking all around my table…one even got on the ground to check! As I was about to leave, one of the girls ran out yelling that she had found it! It was in the basket with the dirty linens. Apparently it was under a napkin and got swept up when they changed the table cloth!

I was so happy…losing my iPhone 4 would have been devastating ($$$!). I decided to write the owners an email saying how happy I was with the service at the restaurant. Here’s the response I got this morning.

I was really happy I wrote the email after getting this response! 🙂

Our drive back to the hotel was just as scenic. Seriously, I need to win the lottery so I can buy one of these houses! We even drove by Oprah’s house! I didn’t snap a pic though because, at the time, I didn’t know which one was hers. I googled it later and here’s a pic!

Passed by the Breakers Hotel! I want to stay there next time! 😉

Worth Avenue

Beautiful, right?

More update posts coming at ya! 🙂


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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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3 Responses to Don’t make me leave

  1. Beth says:

    Shorty! Nick and Jonnie’s is the other restaurant owned by the owner’s of the bar Josh and I worked at! Small world, we worked just on the other side of the bridge and hung out there all the time…Nick was the one who hired me, crazy. Your blog is making me miss WPB, hope you’re loving it 🙂

    • Running the Off Season says:

      SHUT UP! Really??? So fun! P.S. I am OBSESSED with West Palm. I say we get some peeps to open a law practice down there. 🙂

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