ACE blog post #2: Our house

Since I won’t land in FL till late tonight I decided to substitute my evening post with another post in the ACE series! This post is on my house in Louisiana. Remember when I moved down here?

Each ACE community’s lodging is different. Most are in houses, some apartments, and some in old convents!

In Baton Rouge, we lived in a house!

My roomies Michael and Steph. I took this picture as we waited for Dan to arrive. If I remember correctly, we had just moved in the night before!

There’s no basement in this house because houses in Louisiana don’t have them!

The inside of our house was…interesting. 🙂 We got all of our furniture for free so nothing matched. But it was our home!

The living room. We said that that giant desert canvas mirrored the ACE experience. The tops of the rocks were the Christmas breaks, summer vacations, days off from school. The low valleys were the stretches where we didn’t have a day off, had lots of school work, etc.

Another view of the living room. It looked different our first year. But we rearranged it our second year. I liked our second year setup better.

Back shot of living room.

Steph and I shared a room our first year. We had our own bathroom and “master closet.” It was pretty small. 😉 My bed is the one on the right–the super messy one!

View from outside our room. That’s Michael in his room. Hi, Michael! 🙂

My side is SO messy compared to Steph’s!

I would count down the days on my large calendar. This makes it look like I really didn’t like living in LA. I did like it. But I also really missed home.

I also used to plan out my long runs. This was when I was training for Grandma’s marathon.

My second year I had my own room. But I don’t think I have any pictures of that…

The only ones I could find were from when my roommate, Jim, found a puppy in the street!

So, quick side story. One day before school my roommate, Jim, found a puppy in the street! He brought it inside and I fell in love.

She was so little and cute!

And then she peed on my bed.

I really wanted to keep her but knew it wouldn’t be possible with my schedule. The guidance counselor at my school kept her!

That morning I actually brought the puppy to school. I had no idea what I was going to do with her. I planned to ask the principal, but I was really nervous. Our principal was pretty intimidating and I assumed she would get mad at me…I mean, I brought a dog to school!

But she didn’t! She thought the puppy was so cute and let me keep it in my classroom all day. I hardly got any teaching done, but it was so fun! 🙂

So small! That’s Jim.


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