Back to the basics

Well, Darby survived the vet! He was shaking the whole time but was a rockstar when it came to his shots! 😉

And it turns out, sunshine isn’t deceptive! Or at least not this afternoon! It got surprisingly warm around 3:00. I busted out the green puffy vest! This picture was from WAY back in college. My junior year I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland. My mom actually sent me the green puffy vest when I was over there!

Anyway, Christy was studying in Cork and I surprised her for her 21st birthday! 🙂



Rockin’ the green vest.

That was a very roundabout way of showing you a picture of one of my fav articles of clothing… 😉

Back to 2011…

Dinner was back to the basics. I kept things real simple. And dinner turned out wonderful!

But first, afternoon snack: Pretzels and hummus.

A few hours later…

I snacked on some grapes as I prepped dinner.

On the menu: Chicken + sweet potato!

I first rubbed the chicken with some spice and BBQ sauce.

I then set the broiler to high and broiled the first side for 8 minutes, flipped, and then broiled the next side for 10 minutes.

While the chicken was cooking, I steamed some spinach. Just added water and cooked on low for about 10 minutes!

Drizzled with some more BBQ sauce

After putting the spinach in the sweet potato, I sprinkled it with some sea salt.

YUM! Super basic but super delicious.

Also, this is the first night since I gave up sweet treats that I haven’t craved one after dinner! It’s been really hard not following up dinner with a sweet treat, but I’ve been strong! 🙂 Seriously, it feels so great not to be craving one right now!

Have a great night!



About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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