Throwback race #2: Grandma’s Marathon

Wheeeeeeeeeeew overslept this morning! Smoothie on the go. Thus, Throwback race post is early!

In case you missed it, check out my first post on a throwback race, Boston 2006!

Today’s throwback race is Grandma’s Marathon 2007

It was my second summer of ACE and I flew home from South Bend for the weekend. My friend Lindsey and I then drove up to Duluth around dinner.

The weather was pretty crazy as we drove up North!

In an effort to save some $$ we stayed in a dorm room at a local college. It was still $80 a night, minimum of 2 nights! $160 for this??

4 years later, still boggles my mind!

Lindsey took these pictures for me as I ran.

The race started super early and the weather was gorgeous. But as the race progressed, it got HOT. By the time I ended the temperatures were in the mid 80’s.

I finished! My time was 3:45…which was an 45 minutes faster than my 4:30 Boston time! I honestly don’t know what happened. It was only my second race so I still had no idea what I was doing–running wise. I just ran. Had fun. And yea, that was it! 🙂

Lindsey and me! My personal cheerleader. 🙂

I wrote on my arm! I haven’t done that in recent races and every time I finish I think, I have to do that next time! But then I always forget!


Having a little fun. 😉

Lindsey forgot where we parked the car so we walked around for a bit trying to find it. I remember I got a Subway sandwich to eat post race.

Finally found the car!

There’s usually a big party after the race. Lindsey and I didn’t stick around for it though. Next time I run it, I will!

Close-up shot of my markings…

Lindsey and I got back to the cities that afternoon. Then Molly and I then went out for a celebratory drink and dinner! Lindsey was working that night at The Liffey.

My hair was so short! And still pretty light!

Have a great day!


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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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5 Responses to Throwback race #2: Grandma’s Marathon

  1. David says:

    I’m running Grandma’s this year! 🙂

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  3. meghan says:

    grandmas marathon = awesomesauce
    Did you eat ice cream when you finished?
    I have done the half twice (both times as someone else, once as a man). You HAVE to do it again and stay over saturday night the only reason I like it is because its all drunk runners and the best party ever. Plus you don’t even feel bad for drinking and drunk eating and telling a bar full of people that you got 3rd in your age group and ran the whole race in jorts.
    Last year fathers day was the sunday after so after I got home I went to my dads house and puked twice. When I tried to tell him one of the little kids got me sick he was like “I have run that race enough to know how hung over you must be”.

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