Throwback Race #1: Boston 2006

I’m not feeling that great this morning. 😦 My stomach is really upset and I have absolutely no appetite. Which is like a first for me. 😉

I packed breakfast just in case I get hungry later.

Throwback Race #1: Boston 2006

I was going through some old photos last night and I stumbled upon the pictures from my first marathon! I thought it would be cool to start doing posts on my past pre-blog races. Since the blog is pretty new, I’ll have quite a bit of material to work with for this series!

My senior year in college (2006) my friend Courtney and I ran Boston as bandit runners. That means we ran without numbers–just jumped in at the start. Super illegal (illegal in the race world) but thousands of runners do it every year!

These pictures were taken when I ran past BC. That’s around Mile 22 I think?

This one is kinda small…but I’m the one with long blonde hair. Yea, I used to have SUPER long blonde hair! I lot has changed in five years! 😉

My friends ran with us for a little bit!

Our shirts said, I believe, “Team Court & Short”.

My good friend Paddy ran with me for a block or so!

I crossed the finish line with a time of 4:30. Not bad for a first marathon!

Sorry these are so small but they are from an old digi cam!

Ok have a great day guys!

P.S. What do you remember most about your first race? I remember feeling 100% awesome and accomplished after I crossed the finish line.


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9 Responses to Throwback Race #1: Boston 2006

  1. DiddyRunstheCity says:

    I remember calling you to see how the marathon went and you picked up your phone, said ‘hey can I call you back? I’m running a marsothon.’ click. Maniac Jack!

    • Running the Off Season says:

      @DiddyRunstheCity–I REMEMBER THAT! hahaha. I was also texting and talking to my dad. 🙂 That might explain my 4:30 finish time.

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