Austin: The food post!

There’s been lost of delicious food consumed since arriving in Austin on Friday. I’ve tried to post some of it but the stuff I haven’t I’ll post here.

I posted Friday’s eats here and here as well as Saturday’s here. Sunday’s pre-race eats and post-race re-fuels are here. So I’ll start with our post-race delish in a dish over-consumptions. 😉

After our race we met up with Dan (BC), Dan (ACE), Laura, and Eric for some lunch. The restaurant of Dan’s (ACE) choosing: The Jackalope. We got to sit outside (yea!) but this place was a bit sketchy. There was some suspect movie on the tv behind the bar–I won’t go into detail but there was a lot of nudity involved. And bondage.

Annnywayyyy…we stared with some lovely afternoon adult beverages. I got a cider and it was ok–not as good as the Crispin we have back home. But still refreshing.

Megan and Kasey got frozen margaritas. Looks good! Thumbs up.

I really wanted to try a no-cheese pizza but the dough wasn’t ready yet? Yea, I thought it was weird too. So I went with a plain hamburger on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, ketchup and mustard. And a side of waffle fries. I can’t remember the last time I had a hamburger…I am pretty sure it was after Chicago!

After a delicious and filling lunch we went back to the hotel, sat outside of Starbucks for a bit (to soak up the sun) and then went back into the hotel to crash. And we crashed hard! I think we took a three hour nap–at least. I have never been so tired after a race before!

We continued to be gluttons at dinner–when in Rome, right? 😉 We headed back to the Iron Cactus. This was by far my fav restaurant in Austin and you MUST check it out if you are ever in town.

We started with drinks. Margaritas for most (Kasey opted out)–frozen for Megan–regular for me. Once again, let me say, best margarita I’ve EVER had. All natural ingredients–agave nectar and tequila. None of that sugary garbage you find in most margarita mixes. P.S. Have you noticed that Kasey tries to get her engagement ring in every pic? It’s actually totally just a joke–it’s not like Kasey is one of those girls. She just does it to be funny. 🙂

We also munched on some chips and salsa. Delish. I’m going to miss eating chips and salsa–I’ve had them like EVERY day!

Megan and I both got the Teo’s Tacos–just fajita chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, and rice and corn tortillas. Sorry for the blurry shot.

No cheese for me.

Kasey got the Acapulco–Menu’s description below.

One cheese enchilada topped with ranchero, one soft fajita taco and one roasted chicken  flauta. Served with a small chile con queso, Mexican rice and choice of beans. 

Despite being stuffed to the brim we really wanted a “sweet treat” (what Megan likes to call dessert). 🙂

We only ordered one of these bad boys but the waiter brought us two. We ate 1 and 1/2. I def had my fair share of this brownie sundae.

HUGE! And we were so so so full after. And I know this is a “healthy-living” blog but you know what, sometimes you just gotta indulge! Everything in moderation.


We were all pretty full from indulging the night before so a light breakfast was had–I just had a banana and a coffee. We drove the route and then started searching for a lunch spot around noon.

Our only request was patio seating! It was close to 80 degrees on Monday!

Also, I found out Monday morning that my flight back to Minneapolis was canceled. Bummer? Ehhhhhh…not so much. I mean, yes, I needed to get back to get work done, but I wasn’t looking forward to 16+ inches of snow! I was automatically re-booked on the same flight for today (Tuesday) and just decided to stay in the hotel one more night. Ok…back to Monday.

We found the cutest little restaurant on South Congress. But for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called! 😦

Trying to decide what to order off the menu….

Megan and Kasey got frozen margaritas. I just stuck to diet coke. Thumbs up + ring. 😉

Megan and Kasey’s plates…I can’t remember what they ordered but they both loved whatever dish they got!

I ordered the Jamaican Jerk chicken. It was topped with Mango salsa (delicious) and came with a side of fries. Also delicious. 🙂 The bun was pretty dense so I just ate the bottom portion. It was kind of difficult but I made it work. 😉

$.25 sweet treat after lunch. Reeses pieces!

We continued to walk around downtown Austin, browsed Anthropologie, walked some more, and then got another sweet treat! I go back to reality tomorrow I’m enjoying my vacay while I can! 🙂 Plus, we did tons of walking today. I’m just trying to rationalize my sugar consumption over the past 24 hours!

King Cake! This stuff is HUGE in the south, especially in Louisiana. I remember when one of my students brought a king cake into English class during my second year in ACE. I had never had it before (my students were shocked and appalled) and of course, I got the baby. 😉 Read all about King Cake here–so you know what I’m talking about.

It was delicious! Made me really miss Louisiana.

Later, I said goodbye to Megan and Kasey (tear 😦 ) and took another nap! I was so tired. Around 6:00 I hit up the hotel gym for a 45 min elliptical workout and then went to dinner…by myself! I brought my laptop, set up shop at one of the tables at the Iron Cactus (I know, I’m obsessed) and ordered the same salad from Friday night. I munched on some chips and salsa while I waited and had a diet pepsi (gross).

Then I hit the hay!


I didn’t get my 3-4 miler in but I did run the 1.66 miles to Whole foods and walk the 1 mile back to the hotel. I got the same breakfast as Saturday–Fruit, granola, cinnamon puffins, and Greek yogurt. Nothing fancy.

I showered and packed up after my run…but hit a slight packing snafu–the zipper on my suitcase broke! 😦

I was really at a loss as to what to do. Buy a new suitcase? Buy a large duffel bag and put my suitcase inside the duffel?

My mom said use duct tape. Use duct tape??? I was appalled at her suggestion! I would look like SUCH an idiot! There was no way I was going to do that. No way.

But I didn’t really have any other choice. So, I walked on over to CVS and grabbed a roll of duct tape. Hopefully it does the trick!

I sat in Starbucks for a bit, worked on this post, and enjoyed a delish skinny vanilla latte. I left for the airport around 1:30. My flight wasn’t until 5:55 but I didn’t have a seat assignment and didn’t want to take any chances.

Once I got checked in and checked by bag (Delta didn’t charge me!) I found out my flight was delayed until 6:50! Boo. Clearly, Austin doesn’t want me to leave!

Added some more duct tape for reinforcement. I was SO embarrassed when I checked this guy. People were def starring at me.


After getting through security,  I found some lunch and paid the $7.95 for wireless, and got settled. I’m annoyed that there’s no free wireless–I would totally think that Austin would provide free wi-fi for its airport patrons.

Lunch: sub on whole wheat bread with turkey, lettuce, sprouts, and mustard. Plus some baked lays and diet coke.

At least I have work to do! Hopefully I make it home tonight….keep your fingers crossed! Oh, and I just got my seat assignment–aisle seat! Win!


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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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5 Responses to Austin: The food post!

  1. meghan says:

    Congrats on the race!
    Love the ring picts, when i do get an ring that mf’er is going in EVERY PICTURE taken of me and it will be my fb profile picture, I have been trying for years and those things do not come easy… jk….kinda.

  2. meghan says:

    * a ring, but lets be honest ill take what i can get 😉

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