The hilliest race EVER–driving the route

This morning, Kasey, Megan and I drove the route of the Austin half. Aka the hilliest race EVER.

My morning started with a banana (leftover from the bunch we bought yesterday) and a skinny vanilla latte.

I took pictures as we drove the route…here’s a summary of the race!

We started driving at mile 2.5 or so…aka where it started to get hilly. It was a slight uphill all the way to mile 4…

Cool stores we ran by

It was amazing how blue the sky was to our right…but so dreary right in front of us!

Turning to head back towards downtown…and confronted with another hill….

Turn is made…and we make the “downhill” run back to downtown Austin.

There’s downtown!

But then we turned! And were running away from downtown! Oh no!!

And least it was somewhat flat…

Oh no! Another hill!!

At this point, we took the wrong exit ramp that we didn’t run down…and thankfully we did because we soon discovered that the route we ran (ahead) was a one way and we had to drive the opposite way we ran (drove downhill). But don’t worry. We got pictures. 🙂

So after we ran up this ramp we ran down and up one more hill before turning and seeing this hill…

Pretty steep, huh?

We were NOT happy campers when we saw this guy.

So we ran up this hill, snaked through a neighborhood, split off from the marathoners, turned a corner, and then….

Another hill. We were at about mile 11 or so at this point.

Up we went and then some more flat/slightly up hill ground

But wait, is that downtown in the distance?? Are we almost done??

Yes! And it’s downhill! We got this.

Oh God. Seriously??



“It’s all downhill from here!” That’s what the fans were screaming when we got to the top.

But there’s a slight hill in the distance….and once we got to the top of that…it looked good. That bus is our next turn.

But when we turned…LIES. That was not the last hill!!

Run up the hill, run by the capitol, and there’s the finish line. Right where that truck is.

And our meeting spot. Where Megan uttered her first first post-race words.

I’ve got another post coming with our post-race eats. The internet is just SO slow here. I don’t get it!!

Signing off from Austin, TX. I’ve got a full day of work planned for tomorrow. And I’m going to wake up early and take advantage of this weather! A run outside! I went down to the gym this evening and did 45 minutes on the elliptical and felt great. I’m hoping I can run 3-4 tomorrow morning. Have a great night!






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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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