Facebook: How far is too far?

I don’t think this story is new but a the hosts of a local radio show were talking about it this afternoon.

Did the Internet Kill Privacy?

Here’s what I got from the radio: Teacher is on vacay in Europe and a picture of her with a glass of wine is taken and posted on Facebook. Apparently her privacy settings were pretty high–like only friends could see her pictures. Anyway, she shows up for work one day (August 2009) and is questioned by the principal about her Facebook page and this photo. He then tells her she can either resign or be suspended.

The complaint was made by a parent of one of her students (anonymously). She decided to resign because she didn’t know what else to do.

Now she is suing to get her job back.

What are your thoughts? I was pretty upset that this happened, given the surrounding circumstances. I mean, if she were like Facebook friends with her students or showed her students her Facebook page during class or something, totally different story.

But here, let’s be serious. It’s kind of ridiculous.

In other news…

Haircut was great! Seriously, love Timothy at Jon English. He always knows exactly what to do with my hair to make it manageable and cute. 🙂

Lunch was a recreation of dinner the other night. But I used whole wheat crust this time.

Started with some whole wheat pizza crust. I cut the entire crust into 4’s. They don’t make mini-pizza crusts in whole wheat. 😦

The whole pie is 720 calories–so I just divide that by 4–each slice is 180 calories.

Started with one slice.

Dressed it up with some tomato sauce, grilled peppers and onions, spinach, and crock pot chicken.

Baked for 10 min @ 450 degrees


One problem I’m having though is with the chicken. It gets really dry when I bake it. Any suggestions on how not to have that happen?

Plus a side salad–rest of my mix from the other night.

Dressed with a little of this

As I was writing this post I got an email from my friend Christy.

The subject line read: “Darby – aka Drummer the Bichon Frise- won best in show!”

Followed by this picture

That was it. How funny/poofy is this dog???

Have a great afternoon! I’ve got a 4-miler a little later this afternoon.


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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One Response to Facebook: How far is too far?

  1. TheChristy says:

    Did you not notice there was cheese baked into that pizza crust????

    And I am so proud of Darby!

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