I wish everyday was a weekend day

What a GREAT Sunday!

It started off with brunch with my friend Jen. I hadn’t seen her in a while so we did some MAJOR catching up.

Oh, and had some breakfast too. 🙂 French Meadow never disappoints!

When I got there it was PACKED.

But luckily I snagged a table in the back! I saw some people getting up and b-lined it towards their table. As soon as they started to walk away I sat down. Not weird at all.

Jen got there soon after me and then we got up and ordered. They give you a really cool table-identifier thingy.

Jen got the Eggs Benedict.

and was excited to eat it. 🙂

I got the Organic “Zone” Omelet– “Three egg whites & one yolk filled with fresh organic spinach, scallions, goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes (I got black beans too), served with organic mixed greens and Organic Healthy Hemp Toast.”

This was SO good. I would def get it again just not with the sun dried tomatoes. They added a funky taste I could have done without.

I did work all afternoon. REALLY awesome. Seriously.

Afternoon snack: Chobani vanilla yogurt + blueberries+blackberries + Fiber One, Kashi Go Lean!, granola, flax cereal

Workout: I had totally lost all motivation to workout at all. However, I knew I should probably do something. So I dug out an old exercise DVD and did the Abs portion (15 minutes). By the time that was done I was kinda in the mood to workout but since I waited so long I didn’t have that much time before I needed to be at my parents’ for dinner. I busted out a 30 min elliptical workout and called it a day. I’ll take it, seeing that I almost didn’t do ANYTHING!

Dinner is served!

The crock pot chicken tacos were a HUGE hit! So glad my mom decided to do these over Famous Daves.

I put lettuce and salsa on mine. Plus some chips.

I went back for seconds! Plate #2 consisted of more chips, meat, lettuce and salsa. I made more of a taco-esque salad. Delicious.

And I thought it couldn’t get any better…

Brownie sundaes for dessert!!!

Looks good, doesn’t it?

It was. 🙂

I had so much fun catching up with my aunt and uncle and cousins. Family dinners are the bomb dot com.

I also had 2 little Dove chocolates. I love how they have little quotes on the inside. I found these very appropriate.

After everyone went their separate ways I went to meet my friend Alice for a tea…Chai tea!

I hadn’t seen Alice for a while either and it was great catching up with her too!

I’m off to bed! Night 🙂


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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