20 Questions

We’ve all heard of the game 20 questions. Well, hopefully we’ve all heard of 20 questions. 😉 Annnyywway, as I took a break for lunch this afternoon I found this interesting article on CNN: 20 questions that could change your life. I’m not going to list them all here; however, I did find a few that I thought would be good conversation starters or could spark interesting dinner table talk.

If you want to see all of them, check out the article! FYI–In my opinion, most are meant to be answered personally and are meant to make you reflect on YOUR life, hence the title. 😉 Note: I just cut and copied the three questions I really like so all the words are from the article and are not mine!

10. What’s so funny?

Adults tend to put this question to children in a homicidal-sounding snarl, which is probably why as you grew up, your laughter rate dropped from 400 times a day (for toddlers) to the grown-up daily average of 15. Regain your youth by laughing at every possible situation. Then, please, tell us what’s funny — about everyday life, about human nature, even about pain and fear. We’ll pay you anything.

17. Where should I break the rules?

If everyone kept all the rules, we’d still be practicing cherished traditions like child marriage, slavery, and public hangings. The way humans become humane is by assessing from the heart, rather than the rule book, where the justice of a situation lies. Sometimes you have to break the rules around you to keep the rules within you.

18. So say I lived in that fabulous house in Tuscany, with untold wealth, a gorgeous, adoring mate, and a full staff of servants…then what?

We can get so obsessed with acquiring fabulous lives that we forget to live. When my clients ask themselves this question, they almost always discover that their “perfect life” pastimes are already available. Sharing joy with loved ones, spending time in nature, finding inner peace, writing your novel, plotting revenge — you can do all these things right now. Begin!

Lunch break! I took a break from school schtuff and made a turkey sammie paired with carrot sticks and sunflower butter!

Turkey sammie: Pretty typical–3 slices deli turkey, lots of spinach, hummus, honey mustard

And the carrot sticks + sunflower butter

And some bubbles. 🙂

Have a great afternoon!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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