Just breathe.

Sometimes we all need to chill out and just breathe.

Today was one of those days…except I didn’t take a moment to chill out until 11:00. Yikes!

Thankfully, my morning was a bit more relaxed. I decided not to work out before work and planned to run after class.

Yea, about that…

I ended up sticking around school a lot later (for good reason!) and had to rush home, quickly eat something for dinner, and then jet off to babysitting.

Let me recap.

Work: Awesome! I seriously love my internship so much this semester. It’s challenging but also fun. The people I work with are the bomb dot com. 🙂

Mid-morning snack: Banana. Uneventful.

Lunch: Big bowl of chili + 2 clementines + a bomb-tastic homemade Special K bar (latter two are unpictured…sorry!)

I stayed later at work to see a motion argued…I helped write the bench memo for it and wanted to see the lawyers in action! It was really cool…especially because I knew what was going on. 🙂

Some Gobstoppers before I left….when was the last time you had these??

But sticking around later meant I was going to be rushed for class…I b-lined it home, took out Darby, and then b-lined it to class.

After class I stuck around to talk to a few professors. I think I mentioned my comparative con law class last week (class I got the crappy-conditioned book for)..ANYWAY, I didn’t really want to take the class because I was not interested in the content AT ALL. The only reason I wanted to take it was because one of my fav professors in the whole wide world was teaching it.

Long story short: I went in to talk to him as well as one of our deans…and decided to drop it. I have a lot going on this semester and didn’t need the credits from the class. While I am sad not to have a class with this professor I’ll def have an opportunity next year to take a class with him.

So that’s why I stuck around school later and then was running late for babysitting. I did not get my run in, which is fine, I didn’t have a scheduled off day this week so looks like today is it!

Dinner: Crock pot chicken tacos. Typical as of late.

Babysitting was great…per usual. We watched the mini-movies on the Despicable Me DVD. SO CUTE. Check them out! 🙂

I got hungry later so I had a pretty substantial snack: yogurt+cereal+a few blueberries

In the mix

Kashi Go Lean!

Kashi Crunch

Kashi Heart to Heart

Vanillia yogurt


In other news…

Seriously, Minnesota?

And it’s not getting any better….


So….about that long run I had scheduled for tomorrow? Do I dare say I’m going to try to tackle 10 miles on the treadmill? I mean, I do have a pretty dope playlist going right now… 😉

Here’s what I’m thinking…

I wanted to do yoga tonight; however, since I was babysitting, that wasn’t really possible.  I told myself that I’d do it tomorrow night (Friday). Well, I don’t really want to run 10 miles AND do yoga. So I’m thinking I’ll do 5 miles on the treadmill tomorrow…yoga tomorrow night…and tackle my 10 mile treadmill run on Saturday morning. I won’t go to Erica cause I’ll have lifted the night before at yoga (it’s a warrior sculpt class)…that sounds pretty good to me. Sunday I’ll likely do an easy 3-4 miles and maybe hit up another yoga sculpt class??

Cool. It’s resolved then. 5 miles + yoga tomorrow. 10 miles Saturday. 3-4 miles + yoga on Sunday.

Sweet! 🙂


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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