Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

That’s pretty much my routine. However, today, my run will come a little later in the day….

When my alarm went off at 5:10 this morning I had absolutely NO motivation to get up and go to Nate’s class. I was exhausted and warm in bed…and the idea of getting up, getting into winter running gear, and braving the 14 degree weather was not something I was looking forward to.

Usually I’m not phased by such a task. However, because I am in winter break mode I’m so not as motivated to get up SUPER early when I know I have the rest of the day to get my run in. Hopefully this will all change when school starts up again in a few weeks!

Breakfast: Pretty much a repeat of dinner last night. It’s just not scrambled.

In the mix

1/2 cup Egg Beaters

Grilled peppers and onions (fresh. I need to make a trip to TJ’s!)

Sprinkle of black beans

1 strip turkey bacon

Whole wheat English muffin

In other news…

I have been reading about and talking with people about 2011 resolutions. And I didn’t want to write mine down because…well, what if I fail?

After much contemplation, I have decided that the “what if” mindset is cowardly.

And I’m no coward.

So, without further ado, here are my 2011 resolutions.

1. Drink more water. These past few moths I stopped buying soda in attempts to make myself drink more water. However, I didn’t really drink more water. I just didn’t drink anything. I have been purchasing mineral water as of late…which is better. But it’s still not as good as water. I plan to drink at least 3 servings of water from my Camelbak water bottle each day (not counting when I’m working out).

2. Save money. Since I’m not working right now and school is expensive, I want to try to save a little bit of money. I hope to do this by eating out less and sticking to my Keurig instead of Starbucks.

3. Learn Spanish. When I was teaching at Burnsville high school (before I started law school) many of my students were from Mexico or Central America. Even though my Spanish was rudimentary, I attempted to write little comments in Spanish on their work…and they loved it. A few of my students would speak to me in Spanish before or after class and try to teach me words and phrases. I seriously looked into taking Spanish classes the summer before I started law school. But then law school got in the way, and my goal to become more proficient in Spanish fell to the far back burner. Having my friend Carlos around this past weekend reminded me of how much I really want to learn Spanish. So, I am going to be proactive this year and really try to be able to speak Spanish. Well, at least be able to hold a conversation that is grammatically correct!

4. Run at least one marathon. I have high hopes for NYC but if not, I’m hoping for Philly!

5. Yoga at least once a week. I stress out easily…especially when it comes to school. I hope that if I start practicing yoga I’ll be more relaxed. Also, it’s a great exercise for runners!

Ok, I’m off to moot my argument then a check-up at the dentist. Yuck!

Do you guys have any suggestions as to how I can get my butt out of bed? The cold weather is KILLING me…and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. 😦

Have a great day!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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8 Responses to Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

  1. Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat says:

    I’m having the same problem–basically all my workouts have been moved inside, and they all keep happening later and later in the day. MN winters just kill my workout motivation!

  2. McKinzie says:

    Shorty did you know you can take Spanish classes at the undergrad campus and get law school credit for them??? If you feel like you are taking a class just to fill space you may way to think about doing something like that! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you Friday! It’s been far too long!

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