Christmas re-cap

Wheeewwwww what a great Christmas!

Dinner is served!

Pheasant! With strawberry dressing…Wild rice and green beans and a roll

Some of my favorite ornaments….

My 3 year old thumb print 🙂

The tree!

After a fun-filled night I went back to my place and watched a movie.

The Town….SO SO GOOD!

Christmas morning…

I had big plans to run the Christmas 5k with my friend Ben and his brother and my brother. But I woke up exhausted and didn’t want to pay $35…so my brother and I ran 5 miles on our own.

Pre-run fuel. Apple + almond butter. Took a pre-photo bite. 😉

Post-run breakfast.

Little bit of Irish steel cut oats.

Here’s my dad’s plate. He wanted me to get a photo with his cranberries.

Egg scrambler + whole wheat English muffin

Plus a corn muffin for good measure. And some raspberry homemade jam

I came home after brunch I took a longgggggg nap. I have been so tired lately! I guess I’m just finally catching up after finals.

After my nap my bro and I headed over to my aunt and uncle’s place…1.5 hours late. Oopise! My bad.


Dinner was delicious! Cranberry/Orange chicken, salad, roll (x2), clementine (x2). So so so so good!

Dessert was birthday cake (camera was not near me) but it was standard, store bought…but good! It is my cousin Maureen’s birthday tomorrow!

After dinner we played the game “Minute to win it” which is also a TV show on NBC.

I have never seen the show but apparently you have to do all this crazy tasks in a minute.

For example, stake two (three in the show) golf balls.


Divide the m&m’s–but you could only do one at a time

Pull out all the tissues with one hand

Junk-in-the-trunk–aka 12 ping pong balls in the empty tissue box and you gotta shake out the pink pong balls

Followed by stacking 15 empty cans with 5 on top


Victory dance 🙂

I’m exhausted! Bedtime.


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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