Snowed in. Legit this time.

Last time I said I was “snowed in” I might have been exaggerating jussstttt a littttlleee bit. You can def tell in the pictures. I’ve re-posted the pictures so you can see a side-by-side comparison.

Before                                                         Today

Granted, these two pictures were taken at two different times during the day (lunch from before; breakfast from today), but I think you can see the difference!

I braved the weather and made it (thankfully) to the library. There are legit like 5 people here. You can see the streets are thick with snow…and that it’s snowing REALLY hard outside! I had trouble getting the few blocks to school…and I have a jeep!

I was going to meet my friend Erin here to study but she’s stuck at home! That’s legit snowed in.

Good thing I have some company though. 😉

I got Darby in no problem. And for the record, that is not my game of hangman on the whiteboard.

Last year during exams (Winter and Spring), I brought Darby to school on a number of occasions. It was hard to get home during the day to let him out (I wasn’t driving to school at that point) so I just snuck him into the library with me! I was only busted once (knock on wood). Here are a few pictures I snapped last year:

He’s currently snoozing….:) What a rough life.

During my lunch break today, Darby and I took to the skyway for a brisk walk and to find something for lunch.

We got lots of adoring looks and “Oh, what a cute dog!” on our walk. I was a very proud owner. 🙂

We walked all the way to Macy’s without a problem! However, I figured I’d probably get stopped for having a dog in a department store, so right before we got to Macy’s I put Darby in my Vera shoulder bag (see above). I put a blanket in there so it’s nice and comfy for him.

I made it through Macy’s undetected and picked up a great looking lunch. 🙂

Spinach salad with grilled chicken.

In the mix


Grilled chicken





Toasted Asian sesame dressing on the side

The salad dressing was to DIE for. Soooo good. I can see why they sell it in a big bottle at the counter!

Baked Lays and a DC. Since I caved yesterday,  I’m now just trying to limit my pop intake during finals as opposed to eliminating it. 😉

Photo (crappy) taken on my way back to school through the skyway. Seriously, no one is downtown today! Can’t blame them…the roads are sooooo bad.

In other news…

When I got the the library today the study room I had reserved was TRASHED. Food everywhere–all over the table, floors, etc. It was gross. I eat in the study rooms all the time (i.e., right now); however, I clean up after myself!

The trash can was overflowing…I had to take it out of the room because it smelled realllyyy bad. Clearly not following my tips on how to stay healthy during finals week. 😉

They were having fun!

This, I’m not too sure about. “Sexy vamp cat”???

Afternoon snack: cookie. and it was delicious.

Back to evidence….p.s. It’s already 5:30?! This is what I was talking about! Seriously! Where does the day go?


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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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