Ramp it up!

Today I ran roughly 6.6 miles. In a parking ramp. 🙂

Crazy? Yes. Fun? Surprisingly, yes! I was totally a negative nancy at the end of Nate’s class on Wednesday–running 6 miles in a parking ramp? You’ve got to be kidding me! I honestly thought Nate was joking.

He wasn’t.

We started out a bit earlier than 6:00 so we could be at the parking ramp at 6:00.

Our route was as follows: Parking ramp A–up, down, up; cross over to Parking ramp B–down, up, down, up; cross back over to Parking ramp A–down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up. 15 “up-downs” total.

I ran with two other girls from class…and that was really fun! We just chatted about work, workouts, etc. This is why I love my gym…meeting fun new people. 🙂 I think I might have recruited them to come to Erica’s class tomorrow!

We ended up running a bit more than 6 miles…Nate thought anywhere from 6.6-7. My ramp running time was 1:02:33. I felt great running…but running up the ramp was definitely hard work! I’m already feeling it in my legs. That’s the sign of a good workout.

We got back a bit later and I stayed and chatted during stretching… I didn’t end up leaving the gym until about 7:25. And I had big plans to go to the grocery store on my way home. So I didn’t end up getting back to my place till about 8:30ish.

And I was starving.

I picked up about .80 worth of trail mix at the grocery store. Munched on this while I got breakfast ready and unpacked my groceries.

I got a ton of stuff–I’m taking another stab at making chili since I burned the crap out of my last batch. 😦

Breakfast: Egg scrambler + whole wheat toast

In the mix

1/2 cup Egg Beaters + 1 egg white

TJ’s fire roasted peppers and onions

1/4 cup black beans

1 slice whole wheat toast

And can’t forget the EOL (elixir of life)

In other news…

The checkout lady at the grocery store must have been having a really bad day because I have never had someone be so rude to me in my life! I always try to chat with everyone and anyone…I love to talk! 😉 However, today, this woman was not having it. As she was scanning and bagging my groceries she was, no joke, throwing them into the bags…I thought for sure something was going to break. When she would fill up a bag she would, again I swear I am not exaggerating, THROW the bag down towards the end of the register area. I hate confrontation but I legit wanted to say something to her. I had eggs in there!

Because it was pretty early and the store only had one register open, a line started to form behind me. The manager must have taken notice because he came over to help the cashier bag my groceries. Well, the cashier once again threw my bag of groceries (this  bag had bread, eggs, and some cans in it) and flinched/grimaced when it hit the floor…I didn’t mean to but I was thinking, “OOOOO, please don’t break!”

Well, the manager saw my face. After I had my bags in my cart he pulled me aside and apologized for the cashier, said that she “didn’t mean to sling my groceries like that” and that he would speak to her. I was so embarrassed–I just smiled and thanked him and scooted away…I mean, she definitely heard him, as did the lady behind me in line.

I didn’t want her to get in trouble. That wasn’t my intention. And I feel bad now that I made a face. Even though I do think her conduct was totally out of line, I know people have bad days, myself included. I guess I was hoping she’d notice on her own and realize that she was being rude. I didn’t want her manager to see.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? I just had no idea how to handle it!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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8 Responses to Ramp it up!

  1. Dang girl, that’s a hardcore workout! I’d have a hard time committing—in advance, no less—to running up a parking garage! High five for getting it done.

    As for the customer service lady. Eek, awkward! I hate, hate, hate poor customer service. You’re a paying customer and should be treated as such. I would have politely offered to bag my own groceries or just simply said “Do you mind being a bit more gentle, there are eggs in there?” What’s the worst that will happen?

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