Dreary Monday


So wet. So icky out. Wish I could just crawl into bed and cuddle with Darby all day.

Gross must be the theme of today. I still feel kinda gross from a weekend o’ fun (which was totally worth it, p.s.) and my lunch was super gross…well, let me explain.

I got home from class and a meeting super excited to have a delicious turkey sammie.

Enter: Turkey sammie + carrots+ sunflower butter. We’ve got color, protein, healthy fats, carbs…looks good, right?

Wrong. My turkey was bad. 😦 It’s been less than a week since I bought it…but apparently it doesn’t keep a week??? I took one bite and was like, blllllleeeeechhhhh! I ended up removing the turkey and just eating a spinach and hummus sammie. Still good.

Luckily I also had some carrot sticks + sunflower butter to fall back on. As I said earlier, I am OBSESSED  with sunflower butter as of late…any excuse to eat it. I knew eating it out of the jar wasn’t the best idea so I paired it with some carrot sticks. Great decision!


Alright, back to it! Have a fantastic afternoon and I’ll see you after my run! (Again, I hope that by typing that it’ll motivate me to run after class! I’ll feel silly if I have to say in my dinner post that I didn’t run. 😉 )


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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2 Responses to Dreary Monday

  1. meghan says:

    I am kinda embarrassed to admit it but I ended up getting 3am hummus and pita on saturday. I have never had so many drunk people make fun of my food choice. I was all well I saw my cousin tonight and she writes about hummus…

    • Running the Off Season says:

      AWESOME. That was a way better choice than my 2 am no cheese pizza choice. I blame Michael for that. Just sent you a fb message about the Get Luck St. Patty’s day race…

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