My cheek hurts

My cheek hurts because of the b-slap winter just gave me. 😦

En route to the gym for Erica’s class…roughly 7:25 am.

Erica’s class was GREAT. She worked us, per usual. My legs were on fire during our lower body workout. My arms were on fire during our upper body workout. And my abs were on fire at the end during our ab workout. Love that feeling! πŸ™‚ Means you’re working!

I snapped a picture as we left the gym…

I have to drive home in this?? I thought the drive TO the gym was bad…

All the snow on my windshield.

Driving home…All taken at red lights, obvi.

When I got home I knew I had to give in to winter…so I busted out this

The hood on this guy is clutch. Thanks to Erin for discovering this jacket. I totally copied her last winter and bought the same one…because it’s cute and warm and has a hood! With (fake) fur!

And these…

These are Sorel boots. I think that it’s mandatory to own a pair of these if you live in MN. I got these last year and absolutely LOVE them. They are super warm, waterproof, and last, literally, a lifetime. My mom has had the same pair of Sorels for as long as I can remember. I plan to keep these guys for quite some time!

After class I was reallllly hungry. I wanted some comfort food to warm me up. On the menu: Raspberry pancakes and eggs. Perfect Saturday breakfast. πŸ™‚

In the mix

1/2 cup Fiber One pancake mix


Sugar-free syrup

Few sprays of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

1/2 cup Southwestern Egg beaters

Grilled peppers and onions

My pancakes were done before my eggs and I couldn’t resist a bite…or four. πŸ˜‰

Finally my eggs were done…and half my pancakes were gone!

I had big plans to go to the library today to get some work done. However, when I look out the window, I really don’t want to leave my place!

I think I’ll attempt to do work here for a while…

Staying here with a hot cup of coffee (with a splash of skim) sounds so much…warmer.

If you’re in MN, drive safely! The roads are terrible!

Catch ya on the flipside. πŸ˜‰


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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