Fight the good fight

At my building we have someone that sits at a front desk…kinda like security but more like checking people in, taking care of packages, guest parking, etc. The woman who works during the weekday mornings is the sweetest lady ever. She’s kind of like the resident grandma. I see her about twice a day when I take out Darby. So she knows my name and is so friendly towards me. When I greeted her this morning she looked up at me and goes, “Kathryn, fight the good fight!” I smiled and chuckled a bit…it was a nice way to start my Friday.

Well, I guess Nate’s class is how I REALLY started my Friday. We had a ton of people today…around 27 I think. Per usual we did abs and some resistance training…then hit the road for the Home Depot/Cosco parking lot (no more running near Panera) and did tons of sprints, horsepulls, and shuttle runs. When we were finished we headed back inside to stretch/cool down. Then we went around the circle and said our names and one thing we were thankful for.

This class is different from any other class I’ve taken at the gym. Everyone is so friendly and nice and everyone is pretty much a regular…so you develop friendships. It’s really cool. 🙂

Oh! I got my jacket and running tights in the mail yesterday! It was a little warm to bust out the running tights…but here’s the new jacket!

It’s a little short…I prefer my jackets/shirts on the long side…but so far so good! I got a medium and it fit me really well for the most part. My arms felt a little restricted when I was doing horsepulls and squat jumps…however, I’ll mostly be running in this jacket and it worked great during the sprints and relays.

After an invigorating workout I made a quick stop off at Rainbow Foods. By the time I got home I was STARVING. I wasn’t feeling anything hot so I opted for fruit and yogurt! I picked up some granola at the store…I had a little sample before I put it in my breakfast and it’s great! It’s not too sweet (problem I usually have with store-bought granola).

In the mix




1/4 cup Fiber One

1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean!

Sprinkle of Back to Nature granola

1/2 cup Trader Joe’s nonfat plain Greek Yogurt

Yummmmm…. 😉

In other news…

Today is booked solid! Darby is getting groomed, I am getting my haircut, practicing my argument with one of my professors, working on my appellate brief, and babysitting tonight! Whew!

It’s a good thing I’m taking Darby in to get groomed because…

He’s out of treats! Darby L.O.V.E.s Beggin’ Strips. It’s like the only thing he’ll eat.

I’m out! Have a great morning!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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