I ran in shorts today. And it’s November 7.

60 degrees for my 5 mile run today. Could not have asked for more perfect weather! And it’s November. I feel like Mother Nature is teasing us…it shouldn’t be this warm right now. When the cold eventually hits it’s going to be like a slap in the face.

Brunch was absolutely FABulous. Not only was the food amazing, but it was great seeing Molly, Anna, and Mary. Molly and Mary got to the Original Pancake House a bit before 10:30 and thank goodness they did! There was a 30 minute wait! We got to our table right at 11:00…and we were all pretty hungry.

I had a tough time deciding between the sourdough french toast and the cinnamon french toast. Honestly, so many things looked good on the menu but I zeroed in on the french toast options. I asked our waitress what she suggested and she said definitely the cinnamon french toast. So that’s what I got!

With some bacon…plus Anna gave me one of her “extra crispy” ones. I should have told the waitress I wanted mine extra crispy too.

Molly and Anna both got the eggs and pancake combo. I had a bite of Molly’s pancakes and they were delish!


and Anna’s

Anna is having her second and while we were waiting he/she was kicking up a storm! It was so neat to feel the little one kicking and moving around…Anna’s shirt was even moving!

Mary got the strawberry pancakes…which looked absolutely AAAAAA-mazing. I will def have to get those next time we come! Fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream….heaven.

After a leisurely brunch, Anna, Molly and I were off to get our nails done! We all chose a reddish polish for the holidays.

After our nails it was off to Patina! Such a cute little store with tons of neat gift ideas.

When we walked in I almost fell over because…

Christmas ornaments??? Already???

I guess since it’s been so warm out recently…it’s just weird to think that Thanksgiving is just about two and a half weeks away!

Patina was decked out with cool decorations….

L.O.V.E. these

Apparently these books are indestructible. Babies can chew on them, drool on them…and nothing. And you can put them in the washer. I was pretty impressed.

I thought this was cute….

Until I read a few pages and realized what a mouth full each “Good night…” was. Molly and Anna both said it was a pain to read because it was so long.

Future purchase?? 🙂

I thought these were funny…

And these…

After parting ways with Anna and Molly I went back to my parents’ house to get my run in. It was absolutely amazing running down Summit in St. Paul….beautiful fall weather.

Post 5 mile run snack: Sandwich thin + almond butter

Now it’s back to MPLS and back to reality….school work. Blah.

Today was such a great day!! I can be tough and get through a few hours of school work….


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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