Cool downs

As I was exiting the elevator in my building this afternoon, I almost ran right into the this girl dressed in workout clothes. As I quickly moved to the side, I realized that she was breathing REALLY hard…like panting…like she had just finished a speed workout or something.

This got me thinking, “Why didn’t that chick do a cool down after her workout? Did she sprint right up to the elevator or something?” Then I started thinking about cool downs and how I don’t really do them myself. I mean, I’m not hopping off the treadmill and heading right to the elevator or anything…but I don’t usually take more than 5 or so minutes to cool down. However, when I do take this time, I always feel AWESOME. So I decided to look into the matter.

I found this interesting Q+A at Runner’s World (actually UK Runner’s World). Here are some of the excerpts I thought relevant:

“Physiologically, cooling down helps your body make the transition from intense running to normal activity. More specifically, a 5 to 10-minute post-training jog or walk prevents blood from pooling in the legs, which can happen after a hard run. This limits blood flow to the heart and brain, and can lead to dizziness, nausea and other problems. Slow running will keep blood circulating around the body.”

“As for fitness benefits, end-of-session jogs can be used to turn medium-mileage runs into higher-mileage days. A couple of extra miles at the end of a regular work-out will train your body to keep moving even when it’s tired. This is especially useful if you’re gearing up for a longer race such as a half-marathon or marathon.”

-Greg Crowther, assistant professor of biology and 2:22 marathon runner

Do you guys cool down after your workouts? If not, try it next time and see how you feel! Maybe you’ll start incorporating a cool down into your workout!

In other news…

Lunch today was short and sweet. I reheated some crock pot chicken, added a little BBQ sauce, and threw it on a sandwich thin.

And an apple. I think this apple was kinda old because it wasn’t very crunchy and there were some brown spots. However, I wanted some fruit so I ate it anyway. You can see where I tried to cut out the brown spots. 😉

I am making a trip out to Trader Joe’s this evening…and I couldn’t be more stoked! There isn’t a Trader Joe’s that is  convenient for me to frequent regularly so I only make it there about one a month or so. I need to stock up on my Trader Joe’s essentials!


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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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5 Responses to Cool downs

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  2. I really appreciate this post, because I almost never cool down after a workout. I am basically the girl you described! When I finish my morning run, I feel so rushed and pressed for time that I lay right down to do some fast ab work then hop in the shower. I cool down after really long runs, but not after the 5-6 miles I do in the morning.

    Definitely something to think about… Thanks!

    • Running the Off Season says:

      Great to hear, Ali! Yea, I usually NEVER cool down after shorter runs or workouts but I am trying to make a conscious effort to start doing so! P.S. Congrats on the recent move-in!

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