There’s a guy at my gym who runs a marathon on the treadmill everyday

Yep. You read correctly. There is a guy at my gym who runs a marathon on the treadmill everyday. I  discovered this man last year when I first joined the gym. No matter what day of the week I went and no matter what time in the morning (6-10 am) he was running on the same treadmill. Sometimes he stops to take a water break or to DO PUSH-UPS (wtf?); otherwise all he does is run. Run for 26.2 miles. Everyday.

How did I find this out, you wonder. I obvi did not go up and ask him…that’s rude gym etiquette to talk to someone (unless it’s a friend) who is doing some intense cardio. Well, when I joined the gym I received a free personal training session with one of the trainers. Sure enough, when I showed up for my session, Marathon Man was running. As I was stretching at the end of our session I asked my trainer, “So what’s this deal with that dude? I see him running all the time.” She proceeded to tell me that he runs a marathon everyday on the same treadmill. She swore it as the truth too because I did NOT believe her at first either.

But it is true. Marathon Man exists. I have no clue how he does it (he’s old) or why (cuckoo for coco puffs?). But he does it.

I have been at my parents studying since I had coffee with Alice. Our coffee date was short but sweet. I enjoyed a delicious Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte. I also grabbed a Fiber One bar to hold me over until lunch.

My morning snack did a great job of holding me over until lunch! My parents finally had some deli turkey…last two times I’ve tried to make lunch here the deli turkey was spoiled. Gross.

Some double fiber whole wheat bread…

Two slices of deli turkey, courtesy of Lunds deli, some lettuce, red onion, and honey mustard. I forgot how much I love honey mustard! I seriously need to get myself a jar of this stuff asap.

Some chips from the bottom of the Baked Lays bag. Actually, these were more like crumbs because all the chips were broken.

Before I sat down to really start reading my Fed Jur homework (gag) I started dinner for my parents and me. Pulled BBQ chicken sammies and cornbread. Yummmm. I was inspired by my New Orleans conversation with Alice today. Talking about New Orleans got me thinking about the South. I also was reading a case that dealt with the city of Memphis. I took that as a sign for a Southern inspired dinner! I found the BBQ recipe here. I googled “healthy BBQ crock pot chicken.”

In the [Chicken] mix

Three chicken breasts (fat removed)

1/2 red onion, diced

1 1/2 cups BBQ sauce (I used Stubs)

The [Chicken] Process

I sprayed the inside of the crock pot with Pam. Also, please note HOW OLD this crock pot is! My mom said my dad had it before they were married. So that means it’s reeeeeeaaalllll old. 😉

I then diced up half of a red onion. My former BR Ace roomie Derek taught my how to dice an onion. First you cut (not all the way through) length wise and then crosshatch cut width wise. Then cut as you would a regular onion! Magic I tell you. You can kind of see the markings in the onion…

Then I added all the ingredients into the (ancient) crock pot!

I started all of this before lunch…around 12:00…and when I went down for lunch around 1:45 it smelled delicious!

In the [cornbread] mix:

1 package Bob’s Red Mill Stone Ground Cornbread Mix

1/3 cup sugar free applesauce (in lieu of 1/3 cup oil)

1/2 cup Egg Beaters (in lieu of 2 eggs)

2 cups water

The [Cornbread] Process

Mix all the ingredients together and spread into a 9×13 greased (I will use Pam) pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. *

*As of the time I’m writing this post I haven’t actually made the cornbread. I’ll make it before dinner so it’s nice and warm when we sit down to eat!

I took some pictures of the back of the package (instructions and nutritional values) but then I found this image (see below) on the Bob’s Red Mill website!

Awesome! I took about 7 different pictures of the back of the package, trying to get everything in focus/readable. I just brought my mini digi cam with me and it doesn’t take  great close-up shots when compared to my digital 35 mm Canon.


Changing the subject, I am currently “studying” in the third floor of my parents’ house. This used to be the attic but they refinished it a few years ago. My mom calls it “our cabin” because it has a cabin theme (think exposed wood paneling, dark leather, moose-patterned blankets with forest green trim–you get my point) and we don’t have a cabin up North like most Minnesotan families. ANYWAY, I really like it up here for the most part. The only real problem is that 1) there isn’t a couch and 2) it isn’t heated. Let me explain.

1. No Couch

When we basically gutted the attic (well, I don’t know if gutted is the right word seeing that there was nothing up here anyway, but you get my point) we “couldn’t fit a couch” up the one stairway that leads to the third floor. Instead, my parents go two leather chairs. My two best friends, Molly and Christy, would always complain about how we didn’t have a couch up here. And I agreed with them. I would always tell them, “we can’t fit one up here!” However, as the years have passed I’ve gotten to thinking about my parents’ reasoning for not having a couch up here…and the size excuse seems a bit fishy. I think it’s because they didn’t like the idea of their children sitting on the same couch with a member of the opposite sex. Making out would be way tooooooo easy. But if you  are each sitting in two different chairs with a large space between, there is slim to no chance of any funny business.

2. No Heat

Even though we have both heating and AC systems in the house, my parents refuse to use them. Well, they use the heat in like January, but that’s about it. And to turn on the AC, it’s gotta be like over 100 degrees outside with a humidity level of 90+%. We didn’t get AC until I was in high school. So during the hot Minnesota summer nights of my childood I spooned with a fan. Anyway, when my friends and I used to hang out here during the winter months (i.e. high school and college breaks) we would always be FREEZING. I found this old picture of Molly and Christy who found sleeping bags to use as blankets. The title of the picture is appropriately named, “No heat attic.”

I wish I had one of those sleeping bags now. My feet are numb. Wearing sandals=poor decision.

I just snapped a few more pictures (using iPhone camera so the images aren’t the best). This is my current workspace.

And here is Darby all cozied up on Rusty’s old bed. Notice the same blanket he is sleeping on is the same blanket Christy has wrapped around her head several years earlier. Those are the moose blankets I was talking about before.

Clearly, I really don’t want to do my school work because I just blogged a TON and spent some time trying finding a picture of Rusty, my old dog. We had to put him down the summer after I graduated from college…he had cancer. 😦 What’s even worse is that I don’t have a picture of him on my computer! I blame it on the fact that this is a new computer.

But the good news is I did find this picture that I still think is HIL-arious. I took this on the Tube in London when Christy and I were on our  Scotland, England, and Ireland trip the summer after our freshman year of college.

The main purpose of our trip was to go to our high school hockey coach’s wedding which was in Edinburgh, Scotland…in a castle! The morning after the wedding (still regretting that choice) we took a train to London (also regret that choice, 7 miserable hours). After London we went to Dublin. From Dublin it was back to Edinburgh for a night and then home. It was one of the greatest trips of my life because 1) I had never been to Europe and 2) We could drink legally. 🙂 I am still in touch with my coach and rumor has it there’s a Scotland reunion trip in the works. I’m told to mark my calendar for 2014. 🙂

Ok, now I really gotta get back to work!


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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9 Responses to There’s a guy at my gym who runs a marathon on the treadmill everyday

  1. Kaseface says:

    how did they get the pool table up there? I assume it was in pieces…but even still, if they got the main body of it (5 feet) up the stairs, i feel like they couldve gotten a sofa upstairs too!!! They were for sure worried about you crazy Shorts and your hanky panky ways!!!!

  2. Wow! My jaw dropped when I saw the title of your post. That is insane. I have so many questions for that guy! Hehe.

    • Running the Off Season says:

      I know, right? I couldn’t believe it either. I REALLY want to talk to him…but I don’t want to be rude. Sometimes when I get to the gym REALLY early I see him walking from the men’s locker room…maybe I’ll wait for him, in a so-no-obvious manner, and then walk up to the exercise floor with him…that will be a perfect segue to me asking him, “So, how far do you run everyday?” Creepy? 🙂

  3. TheChristy says:

    First and foremost- SHWEET Blog girlfriend!

    Few bullets:Marathon man is out his damn mind, your turkey sand looks delish- minus the gross mustard, your attic is LITERALLY the coldest place in America with a roof on it- just beating out Minnehaha hockey rink when it is -17 below 0, that picture with the sleeping bags is hot!, get Darby off my blanket, and Scotland trip rocks!

  4. alice859 says:

    Ahhhhh I knew I recognized that wallet in the background of your latte… 🙂
    Our nola convo was awesome, and I’ve also been applying in Boston (another city you have expertise on!) lately. Longer coffee date soon 🙂

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