Note to self: Stubs BBQ sauce is not good for BBQ crock pot chicken


So quick recap because I want to go watch the Vikes game and have to finish my homes.

Snack: Apple + open faced apple slices, almond butter, and homemade granola sammie (inspired by Meghann).

Plus the remainder of the apple.

My mom also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today. She is bringing them when she goes and visits my grandparents later this week. I may have snagged a few. 😉

They were pretty small. But so delicious.

My dad was late getting home from pheasant hunting…so I held off on making the cornbread until later. But here is the finished project!

I shredded the chicken with a fork per usual (and as Jen taught me way back when. There, I gave you credit, happy? 🙂 )

I then drained the BBQ sauce into a separate bowl, added the chicken back to the crock pot and ladled a few scoops of the BBQ sauce back into the crock pot. I let that warm for a bit longer before dinner (mainly because my dad needed to go run after he got back late from hunting).

You can see the dish of the extra BBQ sauce in the lower right-hand corner. So I used Stubs BBQ sauce and while I normally like this in small doses, I would not use it again for BBQ crock pot chicken. It just tasted kinda funny. We all ended up using a different BBQ sauce when we actually ate the chicken. Live and learn.

Dinner table is set. I am the mature one who uses the plate with the child’s hand tracings. That plate was made by my little brother Robert when he was in preschool. Long time ago.

My mom made delicious and beautiful salads

And my plate! I used a sandwich thin and had a small slice of cornbread. The cornbread was ok. It was kinda dry and you could definitely tell the cornbread mix had not been processed or anything–usually this is a good thing…it might have been the fact that I used Egg Beaters and apple sauce instead of real eggs and oil. I mean, it wasn’t terrible but you could def tell it was a “healthified” cornbread recipe.

I also added some lettuce to my sammie.

Dessert was two more delicious cookies. I swear I’m done eating those for the night. 😉

Back to the Vikes game/school work. SKOL VIKINGS!!!! BEAT THE PACK!


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I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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