DVR: A blessing and a curse

Congrats to my friend Rob for knowing that “Catch ya on the flipside!” was from the epic movie, Boondock Saints!

I just realized I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV. Holy crap. I am in shock right now. I never pegged myself as a big TV watcher but I just made a quick list of the TV shows I watch every week and…

30 Rock

The New 90210 (think what you want, I don’t care)

Boardwalk Empire


Gossip Girl

Modern Family (My fav…by far)


The League (A diamond in the rough…HIL-arious show)

Cougar Town

Project Runway


And that list doesn’t even include the shows that are currently not in season right now, i.e., True Blood and Top Chef.

And you know who I blame for me watching all these tv shows? D-V-R. I love him to death because I can fast forward through commercials, pause, and record tv shows. However, I hate him because I can record tv shows. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have D-V-R I wouldn’t watch half the shows I do…but then again, there’s Hulu…hmph.

But I guess the D-V-R makes it better because I shave off all the time of the commercials?

Basically what I need is a little self control. Now if only I had that….

Moving on….Dinner!

Dinner was a bit of a cluster tonight. I didn’t really do a good job documenting because I was not really paying attention as I was prepping. I starting nibbling on a Flatout and eating it with hummus and before I knew it, the Flatout was gone and I didn’t get a picture. And it was my last one! 😦

And my favorite hummus…

And I reheated some chili. You can see the ice crystals before I reheated it!

I’m going to make a 100-calorie popcorn while I watch Modern Family tonight. 🙂


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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4 Responses to DVR: A blessing and a curse

  1. Austin says:

    The League, but no It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Interesting.

  2. alice859 says:

    The League is AMAZING. Always Sunny is amazing too, but the League. Oh boy. Modern Family and Boardwalk Empire, we agree on. GG and 90210…hmmmm. BUT, you need to try Bored to Death and Eastbound and Down. My Sunday nights are amazing, thanks to HBO. 🙂

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