Mondays are the worst.

Mondays are by far the worst day of the week. Everyone is tired from the weekend and no one wants to be at work. Oh, and it’s my longest day of class. Gag.

It was a beautiful fall day today and a total bummer I couldn’t enjoy it. Oh, and it looks like it’s gonna be GORGEOUS next Sunday for the Chicago Marathon! Super pumped about that. I spent the better part of my PR class today searching the net for Chicago apparel. Nike sponsors the marathon so I know the gear is gonna be good.

I used a new wrap today for my turkey sandwich. I’ve had these guys before, but it’s been a while. They make for a great sandwich and I highly recommend them!


3 slices low sodium Boar’s Head turkey breast

2 tbsp hummus (I used Athenos Roasted Garlic…my fav)


Yellow Mustard

Dessert was some Sugar-Free Motts Applesauce

I had to pick up some turkey this morning…I was out. So I made a quick stop at the grocery store and of course I couldn’t just walk out with the deli turkey. I got some goodies…. 🙂

I put the kettle corn into individualized bags…that way I can take it on the go!

As I was perusing the aisles at the grocery store, these guys caught my eye.

Once I try these I’ll let you know how they taste!

I also picked up this little guy at the checkout. I am a sucker for seasalt and chocolate.

Look at the size of those seasalt crystals! 🙂

I had a pretty substantial snack because I had class till late tonight. Almond butter + Banana sandwich.

By the time I got home I was STARVING…so while I grilled my chicken I had a little plate of apps: whole wheat bread + roasted garlic hummus + carrots.

I grilled some chicken for the salad I picked up at the grocery store today.

The dressing I got was SUPER thick and delicious. I just drizzled it on the salad…too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad!

Dessert was some sugar-free rice pudding topped with homemade granola. Can’t get enough of this 🙂


About Running the Off Season

I am a runner trying to stay healthy and in shape! I try to live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, exercise, and fun!
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